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For one day only you can grab a one-year subscription (new or renewal) to Yoga Journal magazine for just $3.99. What a great deal! But don’t delay, the offer is only good today, May 6th! Just click on the button below to go to where you can make your purchase.

Better Than Botox

no sugar

Now the best part of this article is that I’m not trying to sell you anything–no fancy lotions or potions. Following this advice won’t cost you anything extra, in fact it may save you money! Every time I’ve looked into the mirror lately I’m amazed at what I see. My skin has been noticeably smoother and I’m certainly not used… Read More

Great Men’s Yoga Shorts

Vuori clothing men's shorts

It seems that YogaDudes has had a large surge in the amount of men following us and inquiring about men’s yoga clothing. You would think with a company name of “YogaDudes” they would have been successful at finding yoga clothing geared to men. I always felt bad when I had to tell them that we didn’t have a men’s clothing line… Read More

Favorite Uses for Coconut Oil


Lately I’ve been doing a lot of research on the various ways to use coconut oil. Aside from the fact that I’m nuts for coconuts I’m completely intrigued by it’s healthy benefits. Here is a list of some of the things that I’ve incorporated into my daily living and their benefits. Lower Cholesterol and Risk of Heart Disease: I am always struggling to… Read More

Healthy Tip of the Day – Organic Product Codes


Did you know that you can tell if fruit and veggies are organic just by looking at the little sticker on them? Well, you can! The numbered stickers on store-bought fruit and vegetables indicate whether the items were organically grown. Regular produce carries a four-digit code starting with a 3 or 4, while organic has five digits starting with a… Read More

February 2014 Desktop Calendar


Nothing better than another YogaDudes calendar featuring my all-time favorite yogi photographer and buddy Sandy Foster of yoga bliss photo. February is the month of love, but that doesn’t mean just human love. Let’s also celebrate the love we have for our pets. This photo couldn’t be more adorable. We hope this calendar brings a bit of warmth to your… Read More

January 2014 Desktop Calendar


This month I used an image from one of my favorite graphic design sites as a basis for this calendar. Of course I couldn’t help but to include some YogaDudes into the scene. I hope everyone gets at least a couple of these activities in this month. Have fun, do yoga, relax, meditate, but most importantly be grateful for whatever… Read More

A New Yoga Book for the New Year


Does anybody have “Start a Yoga Practice” at the top of their New Year’s Resolution list? Many people may be very interested in starting yoga, but at the same time may feel overwhelmed by all the different types of yoga that are offered. How do you pick one when you’ve never tried any of them? I’ve been practicing yoga for… Read More

December 2013 Desktop Calendar


I decided to use this old favorite as our December calendar to remind the yoga community that it’s a YogaDudes original. If I had a dollar for every time I found it “borrowed” online, we would be rich. I guess I’ll take it as a form of flattery and confirmation that everyone loves the image. And since everyone loves it… Read More

Yoga Dudes for Movember


There’s still a week left in this fun yoga photo competition to help support men’s health. How could we not help publicize it when it’s being called “Yoga Dudes for Movember?” This competition encourages men to submit photos of themselves in yoga poses. Well actually, the ladies can participate too as long as they are sporting a mustache! A famous… Read More

October 2013 Desktop Calendar


It’s not a pumpkin and it’s not a full harvest moon, but it is orange – the color of October. And this is the time of the year when many of us appreciate the full sun the most. Here in New England our nice sunny and warm days are now numbered so we are grateful for each and every one… Read More