It seems that YogaDudes has had a large surge in the amount of men following us and inquiring about men’s yoga clothing. You would think with a company name of “YogaDudes” they would have been successful at finding yoga clothing geared to men. I always felt bad when I had to tell them that we didn’t have a men’s clothing line and not only that, but I didn’t really have any to recommend. It seems that guys have traditionally been left out of the yoga clothing world, but it looks like things are staring to change.

I was recently contacted by a company called Vuori Clothing to let me know about their men’s line of clothing. They were nice enough to send me a pair so that my husband could test drive them. The Kore short arrived in the mail and my husband quickly packed them in his suitcase before we headed to Mexico for vacation. Not only did he try them out in a yoga class, but he bicycled in them, jogged in them, and even went out to dinner wearing them. They were so incredible versatile. He said they were super comfortable and he loved the COOLMAX liner. I have plenty of skirts designed like this, but I think it’s a new concept for guys. The material of the shorts is soft and luxurious. I say they are a winner and any yogi could would be thrilled to have them. 

And the best news . . .Vuori Clothing is offering a whopping 40% off to any readers that want to try them out. Just use the code FRIENDS40 at checkout on their site located at