The Ultimate Yogi – Yin Yoga

When I slipped this DVD into my TV I thought to myself, “I wonder what Yin Yoga is.” I seen the word before and I know I’ve heard of it, but I never really took the time to investigate what… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Yogi – Balance

After having such a good experience with the Ultimate Yogi Flexibility video a couple of days ago I was excited to pop the Ultimate Yogi Balance DVD into my TV today. I feel like I’m finally getting on a roll… Continue Reading →

Ultimate Yoga – Flexibility

Today was my first attempt at dusting off my Ultimate Yogi DVDs. I (stupidly) attempted to start this program way before I should have and realized on the second day that I was in over my head. It’s been another… Continue Reading →

Get the Abs of a Ballerina

I tried out another one of Acacia’s ballet-inspired “BalletBody”workouts this morning. This one was the Core Workout which promises to flatten your midsection and develop core strength with its Pilates-type workout. It started a little shaky with standing balance exercises and I… Continue Reading →

Who Doesn’t Want a Ballet Body?

A ballerina I am not. Not even close. I don’t have much poise and grace, my balance hasn’t been very good lately due to my lack of yoga, and my strength is at an all-time low. But I wasn’t going… Continue Reading →

Make a Fresh New Start for the New Year

New Years is really a great time to take advantage of the fresh clean start. It’s your chance to reinvent yourself, make some new healthy habits, and/or start a new routine. It’s the perfect time to forget about all the… Continue Reading →

Keeping Fit After 40

I recently found the photo of this woman in the white shorts below on Pinterest with a caption that said, “She’s 40!“ It made me think that being in shape and keeping fit past 40 must be some sort of… Continue Reading →

Fitness- A New Weapon Against Cancer

This is a guest blog article written by David Haas. Thanks David for the contribution! Every one knows that exercise contributes to a healthy life, but for those diagnosed with cancer, working out offers even more benefits. According to the… Continue Reading →

Not Your Typical Running Playlist

I recently took off for a run without paying much attention to which playlist I selected on my phone. Normally I mindlessly pick the playlist called “Running.” So very creative, I know! But this time I decided to pick a… Continue Reading →

First Race of the Season

Not that this was really a big accomplishment, but it got me started . . . and now I’m trying to determine how far I want to go. I’ve been having fleeting thoughts of training for the Hartford Half Marathon… Continue Reading →

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