Healthy Tip of the Day – Organic Product Codes

Did you know that you can tell if fruit and veggies are organic just by looking at the little sticker on them? Well, you can! The numbered stickers on store-bought fruit and vegetables indicate whether the items were organically grown…. Continue Reading →

Results of My Clean Diet

 I made it through the 3-week Clean diet and it wasn’t until the first few days of going back to life as usual until I noticed just how good I felt during those 3 weeks. I didn’t realize it at… Continue Reading →

My Attempt at the Clean Diet

 I recently read a book called “Clean” and it has really opened my eyes. Over the past year I made some drastic changes to my diet and tried to eliminate all processed foods. I thought, because of this, I was… Continue Reading →

When to Buy Organic

In a perfect world we would only buy organic everything, but let”s face it, our trips to the grocery store just keep getting more and more expensive every year. Within the past 10 months I committed myself to changing my… Continue Reading →

Working Out Doesn’t Make You Skinny

I really do believe that working out doesn’t make you skinny – eating right does! I’m basing this belief on my experiences over the past 8 months. It all started last Spring when my pinched nerve pain got to the… Continue Reading →

Identifying Fiber Rich Foods

After recently having surgery I’ve been instructed to seek out fiber-rich foods as part of my “getting back to normal” procedure. I didn’t think this would be a very big challenge, as I know a lot about food and nutrition… Continue Reading →

Benefits of Eating Chia Seeds

I recently discovered Chia seeds and I’m amazed at the many health benefits they offer. I’m surprised that it took me this long into my quest for optimal health to learn about these little miracle seeds and I thought I… Continue Reading →

Keeping Fit After 40

I recently found the photo of this woman in the white shorts below on Pinterest with a caption that said, “She’s 40!“ It made me think that being in shape and keeping fit past 40 must be some sort of… Continue Reading →

Good Healthy Snacks as an Alternative to Granola Bars

Are you looking for some good healthy snacks? That sure does seem to be a challenge in today’s world, but with a little effort it is possible to keep a low carb diet, eat healthy foods, and still treat your… Continue Reading →

Learning to Counting Calories

I have to admit counting calories is something that I’ve never done in my life. I have been very fortunate that I never had to diet or lose any weight. I have plenty of experience on the working out side… Continue Reading →

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