Better Than Botox

Now the best part of this article is that I’m not trying to sell you anything–no fancy lotions or potions. Following this advice won’t cost you anything extra, in fact it may save you money! Every time I’ve looked into… Continue Reading →

Favorite Uses for Coconut Oil

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of research on the various ways to use coconut oil. Aside from the fact that I’m nuts for coconuts I’m completely intrigued by it’s healthy benefits. Here is a list of some of the things that… Continue Reading →

Another Recovery Update

I recently had another follow-up appointment with my neurosurgeon and he gave me the green light to proceed with exercise (with the understanding that I’m to “listen to my body” and make smart choices). So far I’ve been leery about… Continue Reading →

When to Buy Organic

In a perfect world we would only buy organic everything, but let”s face it, our trips to the grocery store just keep getting more and more expensive every year. Within the past 10 months I committed myself to changing my… Continue Reading →

Lifetime Wellness Course Completed

I am very happy to report that I completed my “Lifetime Wellness 101” course with flying colors. OK, I did get two little quiz questions wrong throughout the entire 12 week course and only finished with a 98% rather than… Continue Reading →

Easy Ways to Help Simplify Your Life

I’m still working on finding ways to simplify my life. That original list of 72 things that I posted a couple of weeks ago can seem so daunting. I started off by picking the 5 things that I would focus… Continue Reading →

Creating a Lifetime of Wellness

I recently signed up for unlimited online classes at a web site called Universal Class. I was about to purchase one class through a local university when I stumbled upon a great Groupon offering one year of unlimited classes for… Continue Reading →

Five Steps to Quieting the Mind with Sound

 The following article was borrowed (with permission of course) from Conni Kunzler of I found it interesting and wanted to share. Thanks Conni. In Ayurveda, simple daily practices, called dinacharya, attend to the five sense organs—eyes, ears, nose, tongue,… Continue Reading →

Out For Repairs

Just a quick note to explain why there was, and continues to be, no November YogaDudes calendar. I know many people look forward to these little monthly calendars and often question what’s up when they are late to hit the… Continue Reading →

Healing the Healers

Second Annual Yoga Festival Offers Educational and Restorative Retreat for Healthcare Professionals, August 22-26 Copper Mountain Resort, in the Rockies of Colorado, presents the second annual Mountain Pose Yoga & Medicine Symposium as part of the 2012 summer event lineup. From Wednesday, August 22 through Sunday, August 26, Copper invites medical… Continue Reading →

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