A New Yoga Book for the New Year

Does anybody have “Start a Yoga Practice” at the top of their New Year’s Resolution list? Many people may be very interested in starting yoga, but at the same time may feel overwhelmed by all the different types of yoga… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Yogi – Yin Yoga

When I slipped this DVD into my TV I thought to myself, “I wonder what Yin Yoga is.” I seen the word before and I know I’ve heard of it, but I never really took the time to investigate what… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Yogi – Balance

After having such a good experience with the Ultimate Yogi Flexibility video a couple of days ago I was excited to pop the Ultimate Yogi Balance DVD into my TV today. I feel like I’m finally getting on a roll… Continue Reading →

Ultimate Yoga – Flexibility

Today was my first attempt at dusting off my Ultimate Yogi DVDs. I (stupidly) attempted to start this program way before I should have and realized on the second day that I was in over my head. It’s been another… Continue Reading →

Yoga Challenge on Hold

Well, so much for my 108-day yoga challenge. I got two days into it and I already need to halt. Not sure what I was thinking when I decided to take on this challenge as my first post-surgery exercise, but… Continue Reading →

Yoga is Like Riding a Bicycle

Yesterday was Day 1 of my Ultimate Yogi 108 Day Yoga Challenge and I’m happy to report that I survived! Of course, this morning it might have felt like I crashed my bike and fell down a ditch, but I’m… Continue Reading →

108 Day Yoga Challenge

I think I found my answer to getting back into yoga shape. It’s been a very long time since I’ve taught or even practiced yoga. For the past several months I haven’t been able to do any upper body conditioning… Continue Reading →

Free Yoga Music

Would you like to download a free yoga compilation? If so, just head on over to YogiTunes.  You are required to join their mailing list, but it’s a small price to pay for the free Yoga Rocks the Park Sounds… Continue Reading →

A New Lay-flat, Roll-up Tight Yoga Mat

I came across a brilliant new invention for a yoga mat that solves the problem of your mat rolling up on you when you begin your session . . . and then, not rolling back up nice and tight and… Continue Reading →

Yoga for High School Students

 The following article comes to us courtesy of Jasmine Kaloudis Overloaded Teens?  Take a Down dog! With all the stresses that teens face with homework,  team sports, college admissions tests, qualifying for students loans, the pressure of fitting in, awkward… Continue Reading →

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