Everybody needs to have a little fun every now and again and this page is filled with free downloads and links to other fun places.

You may not know, but we offer a free desktop calendar each month. Over the years we’ve had some fun designs and have since removed the calendar portion leaving only the pretty graphics. They are now timeless images that can be used to pretty up your computer screen. Just click on the images below to open up the full-size versions – then right click and save them to your desktop.

March2013 January2013 anymonth 1280 1024 August2012 Feb2013 Feb12 july-09 March2011 June2012 May2011 Jan2011 january1 new beginnings august-09 august-10 february-10-elephants june-10 march-10 november-10 October2012 march-12-cal 1280 1024 May2012 September2012 Dec2012 september-11 september-10-seagull october-10


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Are you addicted to Pinterest yet? If not, it’s time you checked it out. Please visit us at our Pinterest page to find endless fitness and wellness inspiration. The images below may give you an idea of all the cool things you will find if you follow us:

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